Do You Need Jewelry Packaging?

Distinct jewelry packaging is the key to survival in the retail world, where a sea of options is available for the customers. Packaging today must provide maximum security and should be attractive enough to stimulate interest in customers. It should be informative enough to highlight the need for the respective product in their lives. Custom jewelry boxes must be acknowledged as a powerful advertising tool.  It carries the message of the brand till it perishes. Many jewelry brands still do not give due importance to their products’ packaging. Read further to get clarification if you have doubts about switching to custom retail packaging for your brand or business. Learn about the benefits that modern packaging offers to its customer base and the brands that switch to it.

jewelry packaging

Do your jewelry items get stolen from shelves and displays?

If the answer to this question is yes then you are not alone. Hundreds of brands around the world incur losses because of shoplifting and theft. Even in the case of e-commerce businesses the delivered packages get stolen from the front of the homes in a jiffy. There are two ways to go about it. Either you rely on the security management of the retails and wait for them to upgrade them, or you look for smart solutions for this issue. Many future-centric companies are taking help from the packaging industry to discourage shoplifting and theft.

They communicate this need to the expert packaging providers like ClipnBox and let the design experts device the layouts that are difficult to open or hide in the apparel. Using interlocking tabs, versatile shapes that are difficult to hide, large sizes and other tactics brands can prevent such mishaps easily. Next time when you are ordering custom retail packaging for your jewelry items opt for anti-theft designs.

Does your jewelry packaging mirror signature branding?

Does your jewelry packaging Mirror the signature branding of your company? Do they have a recurrent theme according to the brand’s identity? Can your customers identify your brand by looking at the jewelry packaging?  

If your response to all these questions is 'no' then get customized jewelry packaging. Print the branding elements like logos and images on them. It will help establish your brand’s identity to assist your customers in instantly recognizing your brand on the shelves. Select eye-popping colors and patterns to catch their attention and break through the clutter.

You can even make use of add-ons like customized ribbons and buttons, along with tailored stickers that will give a facelift to these ordinary boxes to outshine the competition.

Are your jewelry boxes memorable?

Do you offer custom boxes that awe your customers? If no, then you must! Design and order stunning custom jewelry boxes, which remind your customers of your company long after the products finish. Invest in exclusive custom rigid boxes that are made from the sturdiest cardboard available. We printed them using the most modern printing offset techniques for luxurious finishes and classy add-ons. Using stylish designs and layouts like telescopic magnetic boxes etc. it craft memorable creations in retail packaging, which customers can use to store versatile items like documents, jewelry, etc. Rigid box packaging becomes popular during the holiday season and occasions like Valentine’s Day etc.

Is your custom jewelry packaging good for the environment?

Do the custom jewelry boxes you use cater to the needs of green consumers? Do they allow a chance for your customers to contribute towards a healthy environment? If not, then it is time to switch to eco-friendly and biodegradable stocks that are as print and customization-friendly as the other cardboard stocks used for making custom boxes for retail packaging. It will decimate the manufacturing cost for you as lesser energy and fewer materials will be used. But you will generate customer goodwill, savings. and sales for yourself. 

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